I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science at Duke University. This summer, I am working as a Data Analytics Intern for Earnest Analytics. I am also an audio visual event technician for Duke Technical Services, and previously was a teaching assistant for CS210: Introduction to Computer Systems

About Me

My love for computers is nothing new. My passion began at around 9 years old when I started programming LEGO robots and building basic breadboard projects using an Arduino controller. A couple of years later, I was teaching myself how to modify websites using HTML and CSS. I was spending hours exploring the web and finding new ways to “hack” websites.

Fast-forward to today, and I’ve spent multiple years honing in on my computer skills and doing freelance web development. More specifically, I've helped clients by developing and updating WordPress themes and content.

I am now attending Duke University to widen my understanding of computer science in an academic setting. I am part of the Genetics and Genomics FOCUS program, where I was introduced to the field of computational biology. At Duke, I am also a member of the Duke Electric Vehicles club. During my freshman year I helped with building sets and audio visual for Hoof 'N' Horn, a student-run theatre production group. I am currently involved in operating sound equipment for events across Duke's campus, notably for basketball, volleyball, football, and other live events.

In my free time, I enjoy building things, traveling, playing pickleball, walking my dog, visiting the beach, and taking pictures.